The New South Wales Law Reports are the authorised series for NSW,
published by the Council of Law Reporting for New South Wales.
Sunol v Collier (2012) 81 NSWLR 619; [2012] NSWCA 14
(20 Feb 2012) (Bathurst CJ at 1; Allsop P at 1; Basten JA at 1)

File numbers: CA 2009/298492
Topics: Administrative law, Civil procedure, Constitutional law

Court-Provided Catchwords

ADMINISTRATIVE LAW - tribunals - Administrative Decisions Tribunal - procedure - referral of question of law to Supreme Court - Administrative Decisions Tribunal Act 1997 (NSW), s 118 - whether appropriate for the Supreme Court to answer

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW - federal judicial power - whether Administrative Decisions Tribunal has jurisdiction to determine constitutional questions - whether constitutional questions can arise before the Administrative Decisions Tribunal

Reported in 81 NSWLR

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