The New South Wales Law Reports are the authorised series for NSW,
published by the Council of Law Reporting for New South Wales.

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Authorised reports of judgments of the courts of NSW

As the record of legal precedent for the State since 1970, the New South Wales Law Reports – the NSWLR series – has set excellent standards of reliability and quality. The publisher of the series, the Council of Law Reporting for NSW, ensures that all reports published in the NSWLR maintain these standards consistently:

  • Judgments that contribute significantly to the interpretation, development or application of the law in NSW are selected for publication in the NSWLR by the Editor, Bret Walker SC, whose breadth and depth of legal knowledge and experience make him one of the most highly regarded experts in Australian law.
  • All NSWLR reports include concise but accurate headnotes and catchwords that are drafted by Reporters with specialist expertise. They identify the findings of enduring importance to the courts and the legal profession, rather than to the parties involved in the case. This makes the reports effective for use in the preparation of legal argument.
  • All references and citations in the text of a judgment are verified rigorously and all text is styled consistently for efficient use in legal research.

Whether preparing written submissions or presenting their case in court, legal practitioners rely on reports in the NSWLR for their accuracy, clarity and legal value.

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